The company Resor IKO, gives priority to people’s health, both employees and clients throughout the region. Resor IKO’s products and services are vital to the normal functioning of the community, municipalities and citizens, even during a pandemic. Our customers and citizens are counting on us to continue production, and we do so in strict compliance with all established and prescribed measures related to the control and spread of the virus covid – 19. All employees as well as visitors to the production and the company Resor IKO are obliged to distance themselves and to have a mask in the circle of the factory, regardless of whether they are in an open or closed space, at all times. In this way, we protect our community and take responsibility in the difficult times we face as a company, a state and the world. Be responsible and respect the prescribed measures because they are there to protect everyone together and succeed in fighting the pandemic. Your RESOR IKO, in the service of all citizens

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