Resor has produced three new RESOR CV-16 tanker upgrades.
Tanks with a tank volume of 16 tons are made of steel sheet Č0563, 3 mm thick. and are intended for water transport, washing, watering and disinfection of streets.
They are adapted for use in the city as well as outside city conditions, which makes them suitable for expressing roads and soaking the terrain with water. At the rear there is a perforated pipe for watering the streets, as well as two connections for hoses Ø 38mm, length 7.5m with nozzles for washing the streets.
The RESOR CV-16 model as a complete multifunctional solution provides storage and hiding of hoses when they are not in use in specially designed aluminum troughs located on both sides of the tank. At the front, there are two nozzles for washing the streets under pressure, which are controlled from the cabin by pneumatic controls (on – off with left – right movement). These nozzles are an ideal solution for washing or disinfecting the streets, based on the great needs of our customers due to the appearance of the COVID-19 virus. Built-in water centrifugal pumps with a flow rate of 800 liters / min. the necessary pressure is achieved for thorough rinsing and washing as well as spraying of disinfectant, so the pumps are made of cast steel, in order to meet the highest standards in the industry.
RESOR, aware of its role in the local and international community, especially during the pandemic, strives to provide its customers with the top quality of its products even in difficult conditions as a result of decades of experience and analysis in real application.

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