The company “Blok Signal” Ltd. Nis in 2019 joined the Resor Ltd. Group, and since then the production of metal utensil for garbage disposal- containers has started, now under the name of Resor KONT.
Resor KONT as part of the group RESOR Ltd. was created in order to provide complete solutions for maintaining cleanliness.
Constant listening to the needs of the community resulted in the idea of introducing a production line for making containers.

We have completely mastered the program of all the elements necessary to maintain the utility cleanliness of urban areas. Providing our customers with quality and reliability, we soon entered the markets of the region and thus once again confirmed our mission, which we are very proud of.

The quality of the product itself, precise finishing and longevity are the premises that set us distinguished from others.
Check for yourself why the trust of a large number of customers has led us to a leading position in the market.